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COVID-19 Responder Resources and Toolkits

COVID-19 Contact Information 
Dr. Heidi Gullett MD, MPH
Medical Director

Andrea Szabo







Thank you for visiting our COVID-19 Responder Resource page.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge in real time in order to help others.

As our workflow continues to evolve, these documents will be regularly updated.


Training Videos

Please note that guidance on details regarding viral transmission and the timing for identifying possible at-risk contacts continues to evolve.

The videos were recorded before the current CDC guidance was released, which can be found at:

CDC- Public Health Recommendations



Case Identification and Interviews              Contact Tracing Interviews                           Med student supports CCBH response


Interview Materials

Case interview packet


Contact interview packet


Order of Isolation Packet

The CCBH Order of Isolation packet includes all of the documents we send to those who have been confirmed OR are symptomatic AND have had direct contact with a confirmed case.

The process used to determine when an individual can discontinue isolation is captured in the COVID 19 Discontinuation Isolation Form.

When isolation requirements have been lifted, CCBH issues a Discontinuation of Isolation letter. Please click here to request a copy of this letter.


Order of Quarantine Packet

The CCBH Order of Quarantine includes all the documents set to those individuals who have been in contact with a case OR someone who is identified as a presumptive positive case.

*Isolation and quarantine orders are issued based on the results of completed interviews.


Translated Letters, Orders, and Other Documents:







CCBH Workflow Templates








Cluster Investigation Toolkit
These are the resources that we are using to investigate a COVID-19 cluster.






Additional Resources

COVID-19 Health Literacy Project



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