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Household Sewage & Small Flow Sewage Systems

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) conducts a diverse Sewage Treatment System Program which addresses water quality issues within the county. A total of 48 communities in the Cuyahoga County General Health District have residences that use household sewage treatment systems. A map showing the distribution of these sewage systems throughout the County is available by clicking on this link.

Nearly 11,000 of these systems are currently in use throughout these communities. The number of sewage systems in each community ranges from one to over 1,300. Household sewage treatment systems are needed to treat wastewater in areas that are not accessible to a sanitary sewer. Many of these existing systems, because of their age or antiquated design, may not be capable of properly treating sewage.

Along with the enforcement of Ohio's Sewage Disposal Law and Rules, CCBH also maintains and enforces it's own CCBH Sewage Treatment System Rules to address specific issues related to sewage system siting, design, installation, alteration,operation, monitoring, maintenance and abandonment that are not specifically addressed in state code. 

CCBH permits and inspects the installation of new sewage systems. Under the Operation and Management Program, our staff also conducts inspections of sewage systems currently in use.  An Application For Household Sewage System Evaluation should be completed and submitted to the Board of Health to schedule an inspection. We likewise ensure appropriate Sewage System Abandonment when a system is being taken out of use.

Sewage system haulers, installers and service providers are registered by the Board of Health. Our staff also conducts site reviews of undeveloped property to identify the potential for the installation of sewage treatment systems.

The Board of Health works closely with local community leaders as they determine their future sewage needs. The Board of Health also works with many other local, state and federal entities on issues pertaining to sewage disposal and water quality.

Contact Information

Nate McConoughey, RS
Program Manager
(216)201-2000 ext 1239

Domenica McClintock, RS, MPH
(216)201-2000 ext 1223