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Reportable Disease Program

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To report local cases of disease or outbreak

Call 216.201.2080 Fax 216.676.1316


CCBH follows up on cases of reportable infectious disease (disease spread from person to person) and we also investigate potential disease outbreaks.

Reports of suspected and confirmed cases of disease and outbreaks should be made to the local health jurisdiction located where the case/patient lives or where the outbreak happened.


To report cases of disease or outbreaks in Cuyahoga County:
Call the 24/7 reporting number at 216.201.2080


Download and fax the Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease form to 216.676.1316


List of Reportable Diseases According to Ohio Law

The time period and method for reporting certain cases of disease to the local health department varies by disease.
Click here to see the current list and the required reporting time frames.


Additional Reporting Guidance

Within Cuyahoga County, different diseases are handled by different agencies. Click here to learn more.

Some diseases use specific reporting forms. A commonly used form is the varicella (chicken pox) reporting form.


Watch this brief video to learn more about the process for reporting diseases in Cuyahoga County.



Click Here to access the slide notes related to the training video.


Information for Long-Term Care Facilities

CCBH works with long-term care facilities by providing information for preventing and controlling acute gastroenteritis (diarrhea and/or vomiting) outbreaks. Click here to learn more.


Cancer Clusters

CCBH assists communities with cancer concerns by providing education and statistical review. Click here to learn more.


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