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Creating Healthy Communities

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 Program Contacts

Nichelle Shaw MPH
216.201.2000 ext 1506
Roger Sikes MPH
Program Manager
216.201.2000 ext 1526


The Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Program was created to lower the leading causes of death in our communities. Since many diseases are linked to living habits such as poor diet, low activity levels, and smoking, the CHC program is designed to create system and policy changes that promote healthy eating, active living and smoke-free areas in our schools, work places, health care facilities, and neighborhoods.

The three priority communities for this program are East Cleveland, Euclid, and Lakewood, Ohio.

Click here to visit the Creating Healthy Communities website.


CHC goals

  • Increase access to healthy foods
  • Increase active living and healthy eating
  • Inform health care experts about childhood obesity
  • Reduce smoking


Ways to be healthy include:

  • Be active at least 3 days a week
  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day
  • Get active with your local garden
  • Join a walking club
  • Quit smoking


Help your local area be well

  • Ask your local store to stock healthy foods
  • Become active in your neighborhood
  • Help build play areas
  • Shop at farmers markets

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