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Emergency Response

Seeking Public Comment: Emergency Response Plan Public input is valuable to the Emergency Preparedness planning process. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health’s Emergency Response Plan is reviewed and updated annually. Click here

Emergency Preparedness

  A public health emergency is any event or situation demanding immediate action on the part of the public health system in order to prevent disease and injury or to help maintain public health within the community. Emergencies can be natural or man-made. There are steps you can take to minimize


Epidemiology, Surveillance, and Informatics Services (ESI) leads the Cuyahoga County Board of Health’s efforts to collect and monitor the amount of infectious and chronic diseases in the community. Additionally, ESI also leads the agency’s emergency preparedness planning efforts as well

Environmental Public Health

The Environmental Public Health Service Area collaborates closely with local, county, regional, state, and national officials to address the needs and concerns of our residents and community partners. We are the branch of public health that is concerned with all aspects of our natural and man-made environment