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Basic Sewage System Design

  Aerobic System      If you utilize an aerobic system, special care and maintenance is necessary. The motor that provides aeration to the system must operate continuously. If it does not, the oxygen level required by the microorganisms which thrive in the aeration unit will not be sufficient

Bed Bugs

You have probably heard the old saying: “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Their name comes from their tendency to live on or near our beds. Bed bugs can be found living throughout homes, apartments, nursing homes, office buildings, retail stores and many other places people

Sexual Health Services

  THE CCBH FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC IS CLOSED FOR WALK IN APPOINTMENTS DUE TO COVID-19 Please call 216.406.3251 for telemedicine services     We offer education

Children With Medical Handicaps (CMH)

  Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) helps pay for medical costs associated with caring for children with special needs. It may cover costs not paid by Medicaid or private health insurance. It can lessen your out of pocket costs. We provide services for children living in all cities in Cuyahoga


All requests for birth and death certificates should be directed to the City of Cleveland Bureau of Vital Statistics.  The Board of Health is not involved in any way with the preparation, distribution or storage

Bathing Beach Program

  Program Background In May 1993, CCBH adopted Bathing Beach Water Quality Regulations in order to help protect the public from potential health risks associated with swimming in recreational waters. It was deemed necessary

Board Members

Left to right: Terry Allan, Health Commissioner/Board Secretary, Doug Wang,  Debbie Moss, Esq., Gregory Hall, M.D., Sherrie Dixon Williams, M.D., James T. Gatt.   Sherrie Dixon Williams, M.D. Sherrie Dixon Williams, MD, MHS, is the Immediate Past President of the Medical Staff for The MetroHealth

Beach Water Quality

Water samples are collected at beaches to check for levels of E. coli bacteria. E. coli is a group of bacteria that is commonly found in the intestinal tracts of man and other warm-blooded animals and is therefore used as a sign of water contamination. Many types of E. coli are harmless, but the presence

Body Art (Tattoo & Body Piercing) Program

  The Cuyahoga County Board of Health conducts the Tattoo & Body Piercing Program to help protect public health. The program is conducted under the laws and rules established in Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code, and requires all operations that provide tattoo and/or body piercing

Beekeeping (Apiary) Inspection Program

Throughout history, honey bees have played a vital role in agriculture. Along with producing honey, bees pollinate many of our fruit and vegetable crops. In Ohio, these include apples, melons, cucumbers and pumpkins. Nearly one-third of our diet benefits directly or indirectly from honey bee pollination. Nearly


What is a Brownfield?
A brownfield site is real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Abandoned gas stations, industrial facilities, and other potentially contaminated