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Campgrounds & Temporary Park Camps


For Additional Program Information Call

James Armstrong
Program Manager
(216) 201-2000 ext. 1251

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is proposing new fees for 2019 in this program. Click here to view these proposed 2019 fees. These fees will become effective on January 1, 2019 and are not the current program fees.  If you are paying for a permit or license during the month of December 2018, you should pay the current program fees. DO NOT pay these proposed fees until after January 1, 2019.

What is a Temporary Park Camp?

A Temporary Park Camp is a location where campers or other types of vehicle or units are set up or parked that is used to temporarily house workers during a local home days event or a community fair, carnival, rib cook-off, etc. A license is required if there are five (5) or more units on site. These camps are not allowed to be open and can not be licensed for more than a total of seven (7) days.


License and Inspections

  • In order to have a Temporary Park Camp, you will need to submit both a license and plan review application to the Health Department at least two (2) weeks before the event.
  • Enough time must be allowed for the review and approval of the submitted applications so that the camps can be licensed at least seven (7) days before the event.
  • The Temporary Park Camp license fee is $130.00. The inspection includes an assessment of restroom facilities, safety of drinking water supply, waste water collection, trash collection areas, fire safety, and nuisance-related issues.
  • The inspections are conducted before the event begins and then again as needed during the event.

Things We Do:

  • Plan Review
  • Issue Licenses
  • Conduct Inspections
  • Respond to nuisance complaints

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