Teen Wellness Initiative (Pregnancy Prevention)

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health has been the administering agency of the Teen Wellness Initiative since 1997. In partnership with target school districts and community-based agencies, the initiative focuses on providing comprehensive, evidence-based sexual education to youth throughout Cuyahoga County.

The primary objectives of the Teen Wellness Initiative are:

  • Provide youth with the necessary information, motivation, and behavioral skills to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.
  • Provide parents/guardians with a variety of tools that promote increased communication with their teens.
  • Increase access to adolescent health services.
  • Develop policies that incorporate and support public health principles.

The Teen Wellness Initiative currently provides program delivery within a school setting.

Teen Wellness as a School Based Approach

Schools are an important setting in which to contribute to the development of healthy sexuality and to reduce risk-taking behavior. Comprehensive sexuality education provides young people with information and skills which will enable them to make sound decisions now and in the future. With the ultimate goal of reducing one or more sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, the Teen Wellness Initiative at CCBH has been providing evidence-based human sexuality programming in a classroom setting throughout the county for over ten years.

The Teen Wellness Initiative will coordinate programming in targeted school districts throughout the county. Using approved evidence based comprehensive sexual health curricula, programming will be delivered to 5th - 8th grade students within the inner ring suburbs and to 9th and 10th graders within the Cleveland Metropolitan School Disctrict as part of their comprehensive K-12 Responsible Sexual Behavior (RSB) program.

Evaluation Reports

STD & Birth Data

Chlamydia Infections in Teens 16-19 Years Old as Reported in 2012
Gonorrheal Infections in Teens 16-19 Years Old as Reported in 2012
Teen Births & Wellness Report by County Council District
Cuyahoga Teen Births by School District 2006 and 2012

Contact Information

Angela Newman-White
Program Supervisor
(216) 201-2000 ext. 1341

Gloria Agosto Davis
Grant Coordinator
(216) 201-2000 ext. 1340