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Special Needs Child Care

Program Contact
Debbie Busdiecker, MEd, RN
216.201.2000 ext. 1304

Starting Point Special Needs Child Care is a program that helps child care providers care for children with medical needs.

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A nurse will meet and train the provider on the child’s needs.

The nurse can help with:

  • Illnesses or Disorders
  • Medical conditions (Asthma, Allergies, Seizures)
  • Feeding problems
  • Medication and side effects
  • Injuries
  • Care after Surgery
  • Medical paperwork

If you are a PARENT, the nurse will:

  • meet with you and help you make plans to care for your child
  • help you get the forms you need signed by your child’s doctor
  • teach the person who cares for your child about his/her illness and any medicine that need to be given

If you are a CHILD CARE PROVIDER, the nurse can:

  • Help you with the paperwork needed for children with medical conditions
  • Train you and your staff about the needs of the child and how to give them medication or treatment.
  • Loan you medical tools and supplies such as a breathing machine or feeding pump to be used by children enrolled in the program

Education and Training

For childcare training referrals, please contact Debbie Busdiecker at 216.201.2000 × 1304 or

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