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Information for Cleveland TGA Providers

COVID-19 Memo for Ryan White Part A Providers

Semi Annual Eligibility Certification No Changes- COVID-19 

RW Part A Eligibility Application -COVID-19

The CDC, HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau, and NIH have recently issued guidance and FAQs regarding COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS. Please see the resources below and share with your networks:

CDC FAQ on COVID-19: What People with HIV Should Know 

HRSA-HAB: FAQ for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipients, Subrecipients and Stakeholders

HIVMA: COVID-19 Special Considerations for People with HIV

IDSA COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 and the homeless population

Syringe Services and Harm Reduction Provider Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Safer Drug Use During the COVID-19 Outbreak

For all of the Cuyahoga County End the HIV Epidemic Updates Click Here!

Cleveland TGA HIV/AIDS Services:

Cleveland TGA HIV/AIDS Services Brochure 

FY2020 Provider Contact Sheet 

FY2020 Service Summary by Provider sheet

Cleveland TGA Service Definitions:

Click here for a full list of the FY2020 Cleveland TGA Part A Service Definitions

Cleveland TGA Provider Trainings:

PrEP Navigator Presentation from EIIHA/Prevention Meeting January 11, 2021

FY2021 Annual Provider Training

FY2021 Showcase of Services Provider Presentations

Cleveland TGA Ryan White Part A CAREWare 101 training

HIV 101 Training

HIV Criminalization Presentation

Legal Service Provider Presentation

LGBTQ Cultural Humility Training



Cleveland Clinical Quality Management Committee

Cleveland TGA CQM Plan

Federal Monitoring Standards

Fiscal Monitoring Standards

Universal Monitoring Standards

Program Monitoring Standards

Monitoring Standards FAQs


Local Monitoring Tools

FY2018 Fiscal Monitoring Tool

FY2018 Program and Eligibility Monitoring Tool

FY2018 Quality Monitoring Tools


FY2018 Monitoring Site Visit Checklists

FY2018 Annual Monitoring Site Visit Process

Attachment A – Fiscal Monitoring

Attachment B – Program Monitoring

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