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Prevent Premature Fatherhood Grant Program


For an Appointment or Information Call

Angela Newman-White
(216) 201-2000 ext. 1517

Prevent Premature Fatherhood (Chilax)

The Prevent Premature Fatherhood program provides comprehensive, evidence-based programming services to teen males ages 12-19 to improve outcomes related to teen fatherhood. Young men know less than young women about the risk of pregnancy, STD/HIV and birth control methods. Thanks to funding from the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative, over 9,000 young men, parents and community members have participated in this program since its start in 2006.

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Organizations can choose to engage in the 4 part series including facilitated discussions on the following topic areas:

  •  Passages to Manhood
  •  Masculinity & the Media
  •  STI’s & Pregnancy Prevention

Prevent Premature Fatherhood programming can be scheduled for youth at your school, church, or organization. All youth will be provided education, resources and food! Contact 216.201.2001 x1517 to schedule today!

STIs & Pregnancy Prevention

Providing young men with information regarding STI transmission & prevention is a cornerstone of the program and will be provided to all participants who engage in services. Dialogues explore the male role in reproductive health and the responsibility of becoming a father. Information given to the young men encourages them to take ownership of their reproductive health. We provide local resources for where to access reproductive health services and encourage this practice among participants.

Visit our Family Planning Clinic

  • Learn how to lower your risk of STDs and HIV
  • Find places that offer STD testing
  • Get more information about male and female birth control
  • Learn about Emergency Contraception or Plan B

Think that you are okay because you don’t have symptoms? Many STDs don’t have any symptoms.
Get Tested.
The Pill does not protect you from STDs.

Click here to visit our Family Planning Clinic page or call our clinic at 216-201-2000 ext. 1356  for more information.

Related or Community Resources and Links

Call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hotline at 1-800-227-8922 for more information about STDs.