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In order to demonstrate our commitment to accountability, CCBH established a comprehensive performance management system described here for our elected officials, communities, funders and public health partners.

We recognize that the landscape of public health is quickly changing.  To that end, our performance goals reflect a new focus on developing evidence and/or research based programming opportunities that address emerging public health issues in conjunction with our academic partners.

At the community level, CCBH periodically conducts an assessment of the entire public health system in the community using the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Public Health Performance Standards Local Public Health System and Governance Performance Assessment Tools.

In 2009, we convened over 100 community partners to complete the system assessment. This event marked the first time the the local public health system gathered to assess itself using an objective national tool.


National Public Health Accreditation (PHAB)

In September 2011, the Public Health Accreditation Board, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, launched a national voluntary accreditation program for state and local governmental public health agencies.

Public health department accreditation is defined as the development of a set of standards, a process to measure health department performance against those standards, and reward or recognition for those health departments who meet the standards.

PHAB’s public health department accreditation process seeks to advance quality and performance within public health departments. Accreditation standards define the expectations for all public health departments that seek to become accredited. National public health department accreditation has been developed because of the desire to improve service, value, and accountability to stakeholders.