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Linked Deposit Loan Program

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The Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have initiated a program which makes low interest loans available to homeowners who need to repair or replace their failing household sewage disposal systems or need to connect to a sanitary sewer. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is one of several local health departments in Ohio that has partnered with the Ohio EPA to make loans available to household sewage system users in our Health District. This program creates another option for property owners faced with the cost of having to repair, replace or eliminate their individual household sewage systems. Additional information on the Linked Deposit Loan Program is available on the Ohio EPA’s web site or in a fact sheet created by the Ohio EPA

How do I qualify for a Linked Deposit Loan?

Homeowners can utilize Linked Deposit loans to pay for the cost of connecting to an accessible sanitary sewer, abandoning their household sewage systems and for the payment of sewer tap-in fees. Homeowners with household sewage systems that have been evaluated and found to be in failure are also eligible for a Linked Deposit loan for the cost of a replacement system. To be eligible for a loan, a sewage system must be located within an area in a community identified as having little or no potential for sanitary sewer installation in the foreseeable future.

What’s my first step in obtaining a loan?

At the time of the sewage system inspection, a copy of the sewage system evaluation report will be provided to the homeowner. If considering participation in the Linked Deposit Loan Program, a Certificate of Qualification can also be provided by a sanitarian. At that point, the homeowner should contact several registered sewage system installers to obtain estimates for the necessary work. In the case of a sanitary sewer connection, the homeowner will receive a letter from the Board of Health advising of the required sewer connection.

After selecting a sewage system installer or a sewer contractor, the homeowner can bring the Certificate of Qualification and a copy of the contractor’s proposal for the work to one of the lending institution branches that are participating in this program. The bank will then use it’s own criteria in determining whether a loan can be made to an applicant and when establishing an interest rate and the term of the loan. An interest rate reduction of up to 5% may be available for loans secured through this program.

After a loan is approved and the sewage system repair or replacement is initiated, the Board of Health will monitor the installation process and conduct inspections to verify that all installation requirements have been met. A Permit To Install or Alter a Sewage Treatment System must be obtained from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health prior to initiating the sewage system repair or replacement. The Board of Health will also verify the abandonment of the sewage system at the time of the sanitary sewer connection. A Permit To Abandon a Sewage Treatment System must be obtained from the Board of Health prior to initiating the sewer connection.

What banks are participating in this program?

Fifth Third Bank
(216) 274-5096
(Program Coordinator – Scenario Adebesin)

Key Bank
(216) 689-8733
(Program Coordinator – Stephanie Turner)