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Food Safety Education – Asian Person-in-Charge

 Program Contacts

Suzanne Hrusch REHS, MPH
Program Manager
216.201.2000 ext 1242
The inspection reports for every food operation that we license are publicly available.

Click here to see them.


In order to effectively serve the needs of local Asian food operators, we offer Person-in-Charge education featuring live translators and slides in Chinese.

This course helps operators prevent foodborne illness, avoid costly mistakes and realize improved outcomes from their inspections.

Attendees will be able to create a quality assurance plan that monitors the flow of food, employee illness and cleaning and sanitation.

30 slots are available for the class on March 28. Don’t delay, register today.

This class is made possible thanks to the efforts of many community partners including Margaret Wong and Associates, who generously donate their time and space for the training sessions.

Please call or email Suzanne Hrusch (information listed above) with any questions.

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