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Program Contacts:

Alison Patrick, MPH,RD,LD

Program Manager
216.201.2001 ext. 1513

Ann Stahlheber, MPH,RD,LD

Program Manager
216.201.2001 ext. 1544

Farm to School links schools and local farms with the goals of serving healthy meals in school, improve student food options, educate students, and support local and regional farmers.

Benefits of a Farm to School program

  • More fresh foods on the school menu
  • Kids learn about where their food comes from and what it looks like when it is grown
  • More students take part in the school meal program
  • Fresher food tastes better
  • Decreased food miles
  • Money is put back into Ohio’s economy

Farm to School Programs in Cuyahoga County
South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District

How do we become a Farm to School District?

  • Form a group of people who would like to see more fresh foods on the school menu
  • Gather information to support a program
  • Meet with other programs
  • Make a plan

Success Story from the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City School District

From Farm to School: Changing Eating Habits One Plate at a Time

Final 2011-12 SEL Farm to School Report

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