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COVID-19: Phase 1A


To be notified when slots for Phase 1A are available at our clinics:

Please click here to provide your contact information.


You will receive two notifications when clinics open up:

  • A voicemail message telling you to check your email for a link to register
  • An email message that has a link that allows you to register for the next open clinic

For improved functionality, we would recommend you register for a vaccination time slot using your computer instead of your phone.

After you click on the link to register, you will receive a second email message that will have the date and time of your appointment.


It is important that you download and complete a Registration Intake Form

Click here to view and print the Registration Intake Form.

You must completely fill out the form and bring it with you when you come to receive your vaccination.

Filling out this form DOES NOT mean that you are automatically registered for a vaccination appointment. You have to wait to be notified to register for an open slot at one of our clinics.


The following two requirements must be met in order to receive a vaccination:

Answer the questions about your eligibility when providing your contact information

Present identification at the clinic site from the list below provided by the Ohio Department of Health 


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