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CLAS – Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services

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 Program Contacts

Lavone Lee BA, RS

216.201.2000 ext 1233
Roger Sikes MPH
216.201.2000 ext 1526


Our Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) committee promotes the advancement of health equity, improved quality of service, and the elimination of health care disparities. The committee is charged with monitoring and helping to ensure that all policies, programs, and services are aligned with the national CLAS Standards, as defined by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health.


  • To respond to current and projected demographic changes
  • To meet legislative, regulatory and accreditation mandates
  • To assist with the improvement of primary care health outcomes
  • To improve the quality of services delivered by our staff
  • To eliminate disparities (differences) in the health status of people of various racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds

Committee Achievements

  • CLAS principles are now considered and implemented where appropriate in the development of all agency policies.
  • A phone-based translation system is used which allows us to speak to community members in the language of their choice.
  • Documents are translated from English into other languages to make communication easier.
  • Training is provided for our staff to increase their awareness of the ways in which CLAS can be used in their everyday work.
  • Local leaders work with us to find ways to improve the delivery of our services