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Children With Medical Handicaps (CMH)

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 Program Contacts

Amy Geiss RN
216.201.2000 ext 1312
To apply or learn more, please call:

216.201.2040 ext 2015
1.800.755.GROW (4769)

Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) helps pay for medical costs associated with caring for children with special needs. It may cover costs not paid by Medicaid or private health insurance. It can lessen your out of pocket costs. We provide services for children living in all cities in Cuyahoga County.

There are two programs:

  1. The diagnostic program helps to pay for diagnosis of medical conditions.
  2. The treatment program helps pay for the treatment of medical conditions.

Anyone can qualify for help in the diagnostic program. The Treatment Program is available to those who qualify both medically and financially.

Your child may qualify for one or both programs if he or she is:

  • Less than 21 years old
  • A permanent Ohio resident
  • Has a CMH qualified medical concern or diagnosed condition.
  • Seen by a CMH doctor annually

Click here for more information about the enrollment process. Our public health nurses can help you enroll in the program.

If eligible, CMH may help to pay for these items and more:

  • Hearing aids
  • Office visits
  • Resources
  • Therapies
  • X-rays

Public health nurses also help to coordinate services for your child.

Click here for more information about CMH from the Ohio Department of Health.