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Infant Mortality

Infant Mortality is measured by the number of deaths under age 1 per 1,000 live births.  In Cuyahoga County, the infant mortality rate for 2015 is 10.4. Even worse, there is a significant disparity between Black and White infant deaths.  Black babies are almost three times more likely to die before

Immunization Action Plan

The goal of the Immunization Action Plan, through collaboration with local healthcare providers, is to increase the number of adolescents and children under two years old who receive all their shots on time. SCHOOL IMMUNIZATION PRESENTATION PROGRAM Training

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air can be unhealthier and more polluted than outdoor air. Some of these pollutants include cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke, and mold. Other non-visible dangers include carbon monoxide and radon. Asthma & Allergies The rates of children diagnosed with asthma have increase significantly