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All requests for birth and death certificates should be directed to the City of Cleveland Bureau of Vital Statistics.  The Board of Health is not involved in any way with the preparation, distribution or storage

Dental Sealant Program

Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted on the biting surfaces of the back teeth.  Sealants block food and bacteria from entering the narrow grooves of the teeth where decay is most likely to occur. CCBH participates in the Ohio Department of Health’s dental sealant program

Drinking Water

  Public water systems, also referred to as “City Water,”provide drinking water to approximately 85% of America’s population. Providing safe drinking water is a partnership that involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state and local authorities, and the water system

Dog Swims

  Dog swims have become a very popular end-of-the-season activity at outdoor municipal pools. This is the one day a year that operators open up their gates to man’s best friend and give them a chance to take a dip before summer ends. Normally, these events take place the day after the pool

Disaster Response – Flooding

 Program Contact Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, however not all floods are alike. Some develop slowly, while others such as flash floods, can develop in just a few minutes. Additionally, floods can be local, impacting  a neighborhood or community, or very large,

Diversity Committee

Public Notice of Subcommittee Meeting In order to increase the pool of prospective interns, employees, and vendors with whom we work, the Cuyahoga County Board