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Tattoo and Body Piercing (Body Art) Program

tatooThe Cuyahoga County Board of Health conducts the Tattoo & Body Piercing Program in an effort to help protect public health. The program is conducted under the laws and rules established in Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code, and requires all operations that provide tattoo and/or body piercing services to be inspected and approved by local Boards of Health. 

Tattooing and body piercing procedures present the potential for localized bacterial infection and exposure to blood-borne pathogens. To minimize the risk for the transmission of infectious diseases, the program requires specific procedural, record-keeping, safety, and sanitation standards are in place at these businesses.

Helpful Links & Documents

Application for a Tattoo & Body Piercing  (Body Art) Permit

Tattoo & Body Piercing Rules - Ohio Administrative Code (Chapter 3701-9)

Tattoo & Body Piercing Law - Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 3730)

CDC - Body Art

Tattoos & Teen Health

Body Piercing & Teen Health

Body Art Rules Inspection Guide

Contact Information

Gerry Scott, R.S.
Program Manager
(216)201-2000 ext 1259