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Information for Cleveland TGA Providers

Cleveland TGA Service Definitions:

For a full list of the 2014 Cleveland TGA Part A Service Definitions, please click here.

For the 2014 Service Summary By Provider sheet, please click here.


Cleveland TGA Standards of Care



Cleveland TGA Eligibility Policy - Updated March, 2015

Cleveland TGA Part A Eligibility Application - Updated March, 2015

Cleveland TGA Part A Semi-Annual Recertification - No Change Form - Updated March, 2015

Ryan White Part A Exception Request Form

Cleveland TGA Part A LPAP Formulary - Updated 3-1-15

Cleveland TGA 2014 Semi-Annual Provider Report Form

Cleveland TGA 2014 Monthly EIS and Outreach Report Form

Cleveland TGA 2014 Funding Exclusions and Restrictions

Map of the Relationship Between HIV/AIDS Prevalence and People Receiving Primary Medical Care Through Part A

Cleveland TGA HIV/AIDS Community Resource Guide

Cleveland TGA HIV/AIDS Resource Guide in Spanish

Cleveland TGA HIV/AIDS Services Brochure

Cleveland TGA Needs Assessment - FY2013

National HIV AIDS Strategy

Cleveland TGA Provider Training:

Federal Monitoring Standards:

Local Monitoring Tools:

FY2014 Monitoring Site Visit Checklists: