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Prevention and Wellness: Staff Directory

Our main numbers: 216-201-2040 or 216-201-2060
Our clinic number: 216-201-2041

Prevention & Wellness provides population and community based services. Our staff consists of nurses, social workers, dietitians, case managers and support staff.  Click here to learn more about Prevention & Wellness services and programs.

NameTitleProgramExt.Email Address
Gloria Agosto-Davis Grant Coordinator Teen Wellness Initiative 1340 gagosto@ccbh.net
Carol Anderson Public Health Nurse School Health   canderson@ccbh.net
Monica Baker  Program Manager
Family Health   1535 mbaker@ccbh.net 
Melissa Ballachino Account Clerk 1519 mballachino@ccbh.net
Debbie Barrow Public Health Nurse Vaccine Preventable 1346 dbarrow@ccbh.net
Kendra Bates  Secretary Staff Support 1306 kbates@ccbh.net
Michelle Benko Program Manager Chronic Disease Prevention 1528 mbenko@ccbh.net 
Claire Boettler Director
Administration  1300 cboettler@ccbh.net 
Carol Bostic  Public Health Nurse
Welcome Home
1349 cbostic@ccbh.net
Romona Brazile Deputy Director Administration 1317 rbrazile@ccbh.net
Becki Burke Administrative Services Manager
 Administration 1501 bburke@ccbh.net 
Kate Burnett  Program Manager Ryan White HIV/AIDS 1502 kburnett@ccbh.net 
Deborah Busdiecker Supervisor School Health 1304 dbusdiecker@ccbh.net 
Carol Campbell Public Health Nurse
Welcome Home
1320 ccampbell@ccbh.net 
Maurice Cole  Researcher
Children and Family Health Services
1520 mcole@ccbh.net 
Lorrie Considine  Program Manager
Child Fatality   1529 lconsidine@ccbh.net 
Paulete Cotleur Licensed Practical Nurse School Nurse   pcotleur@ccbh.net
Pam Ditlevson  Data Entry Operator
Support Staff  1307 pditlevson@ccbh.net 
Erin Dodds  Case Management Specialist

Dental Options
1534 edodds@ccbh.net 
Brandy Eaton  Supervisor
Child Care
1327 beaton@ccbh.net 
Anna Florencki  Public Health Nurse

Starting Point
1323 aflorencki@ccbh.net 
Amy Geiss  Public Health Nurse

Special Needs Child Care
1312 ageiss@ccbh.net  
Joy Gordon  Public Health Nurse
1313 jgordon@ccbh.net 
Martha Halko  Deputy Director
Administration  1504 mhalko@ccbh.net 
Monica Henderson Case Management Specialist
Special Needs Childcare 1311 mhenderson@ccbh.net
Deborah Horvath Supervisor
Family Health  1339 dhorvath@ccbh.net 
Dimitra Karavokirakis Administrative Assistant
Support Staff
1301 dkaravokirakis@ccbh.net 
Molly Kirsch  Program Manager
 Ryan White HIV/AIDS 1523 mkirsch@ccbh.net
Melissa Kolenz  Grant Coordinator
Ryan White HIV/AIDS 1530 mkolenz@ccbh.net 
Jacqueline Lewis  Public Health Nurse
Newborn Home Visit 1337 jlewis@ccbh.net 
Jacqueline Lewison  Account Clerk
Support Staff  1540 jlewison@ccbh.net 
Barbara Manley Public Health Nurse School Health   bmanley@ccbh.net
Viki Marsh Program Manager
Breast and Cervical Cancer Project 1505 vmarsh@ccbh.net 
Brenda Marshall Program Manager
Vaccine Preventable
1344 bmarshall@ccbh.net 
Saida Mazzone  Secretary
Support Staff 1541 smazzone@ccbh.net 
Cynthia Miller  Public Health Nurse Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps   cmiller@ccbh.net
Cindy Modie Supervisor
Vaccine Preventable
1310 cmodie@ccbh.net 
Maria Morales  Licensed Practical Nurse
Vaccine Preventable  1400 mmorales@ccbh.net 
Eileen Nageotte-Wilk
Nurse; Educator Healthy Homes

Angela Newman-White  Supervisor
Children & Family Health Services
1517 anewman@ccbh.net 
Alison Patrick  Program Manager
Children & Family Health Services  1513 apatrick@ccbh.net 
Gayle Podoba  Public Health Nurse
Breast and Cervical Cancer Project 1357 gpodoba@ccbh.net 
Mary Poremba Dental Assistant
School-based Dental Sealant Program
1323 mporemba@ccbh.net 
Julie Quintiliano Data Entry Operator Immunization Action Plan  1402 jquintiliano@ccbh.net
Barbara Reddy Public Health Nurse School Health   breddy@ccbh.net
Michelle Rodgers  Public Health Nurse
Immunization Clinic
1347 mrodgers@ccbh.net 
Melissa Rodrigo Supervisor Ryan White HIV/AIDS  1507 mrodrigo@ccbh.net
Stormy Sammon Secretary
Support Staff
1533 ssammon@ccbh.net 
Nancy Schultek  Public Health Nurse
Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps
1329 nschultek@ccbh.net 
Janice Schweter  Account Clerk
Support Staff

Sharon Senick  Public Health Nurse Vaccine Preventable 1350 ssenick@ccbh.net
Nichelle Shaw  Supervisor Chronic Disease Prevention 1506 nshaw@ccbh.net 
Jennifer Skoczen 
Dental Assistant
School-based Dental Sealant Program 1334 jskoczen@ccbh.net 
Jennifer Staab  Public Health Nurse
Welcome Home
1360 jstaab@ccbh.net 
Katie Stadler  Program Manager

Family Planning Services
1361 kstadler@ccbh.net 
Ann Stahlheber Dietitian Chronic Disease Prevention 1544 astahlheber@ccbh.net 
Chris Vento  Public Health Nurse School Health   cvento@ccbh.net
Sheri Verhotz  Supervisor Breast & Cervical Cancer Program 1543 sverhotz@ccbh.net 
April Vince Case Management
Dental Options 1538 avince@ccbh.net 
Toni Waltman  Licensed Practical Nurse Vaccine Preventable 1314 twaltman@ccbh.net 
Janet Weiskittel Public Health Nurse School Health 1343 jweiskittel@ccbh.net
Darlene Williams Account Clerk School Health 1531 dwilliams@ccbh.net
Kellee Williams Case Management Specialist Welcome Home 1302 kwilliams@ccbh.net 
Bonnie Ziganti Public Health Nurse Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps 1335 bziganti@ccbh.net