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Immunization Action Plan

immunization photo Many children become seriously ill and some die from diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. 

In order to be fully protected, it is important for babies to receive all their shots by two years of age. Babies need all doses to be protected from each disease.

The goal of the Immunization Action Plan,
through collaboration with local healthcare providers, is to increase the number of children under two years old that receive all their shots on time.


AFIX is a tool used in pediatric and family physician offices to measure and increase vaccine rates

  • A ssessment of the doctor's vaccination rates
  • F eedback - give results to the doctor's office along with ways to improve vaccination rates.
  • I ncentives to reward higher vaccine rates and -
  • e X change of information

The program is free of charge to pediatric and family practices in Cuyahoga County.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more additional information.


Ohio's MOBI(Maximizing Office- Based Immunization) Program is a free state wide quality improvement continuing education program developed for health-care providers with a focus on office based practice.The goal is raise the immunization rates among Ohio's two year old children to 90%. MOBI is a one hour in-office training program provided by trained vaccine experts who will give the attendees the latest information on:

  • New immunization recommendations
  • New vaccines
  • Childhood Immunization Schedule changes
  • Missed opportunities/common misconceptions
  • Practice based consultation
  • Immunization strategies for optimal practice

To schedule a MOBI, please call Mary Ellen Shannon RN at 216-201-2001 ext 1351 or email mshannon@ccbh.net

Learn more on our Clinics page.

Materials and Links

To view the latest immunization schedules please see visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention:




Contact information

To find out more information or to schedule an AFIX session please contact:
Cindy Modie, R.N.
(216) 201-2000 × 1310


Toni Waltman
(216) 201-2000 × 1314