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Governance and Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart  Download the Organizational Program Chart

The District Advisory Council

The District Advisory Council is comprised of the 22 mayors and trustees of the villages and townships of Cuyahoga County and the Office of the Cuyahoga County Executive. The advisory council is mandated under section 3709.03 of the Ohio Revised Code to meet annually in March to authorize our contracts with the cities we serve, to review and approve our annual report and to appoint members to our Board of Health.

The Board of Health

The Board of Health members are appointed to five-year staggered terms by the advisory council. The Board is comprised of five members, with one of those members appointed from the District Licensing Council, which also provides a Board alternate. The Health Commissioner, who serves as Secretary to the Board, is appointed by the Board, which also appoints the Medical Director. The Board of Health meets monthly to review and approve all fiscal, legal, program and planning operations of the department.

Regularly scheduled Board meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Members of the Board

  • Debbie L. Moss, Esq., President
  • James T. Gatt
  • Jonathan Greenberg
  • Gregory Hall, M.D.
  • George Hwang (Alternate)

The District Licensing Council

The Cuyahoga County Health District Licensing Council was established under Ohio Revised Code 3709.41(A). The goal of the licensing council is to initiate, build and maintain a relationship between the regulated community and the Board. This body also represents the regulated community in Board of Health deliberations by recommending a member to sit on the Board.

The licensing council reviews and comments on issues affecting the licensed community at both the state and local level, improves the communication and linkages among the public and private sector, and identifies the needed changes in legislation, policy and practices.

LicenseeLicense TypeBusiness Activity
Charles Riehl, Esq., Chair Swimming Pools Walter Haverfield LLC
Rick Merhar  Marinas Rocky River Marina
Joseph Bucci Food Service Operations Bucci's Restaurant
George Hwang Food Service Catering Pearl of the Orient Restaurant
John Kurtz Construction Demolition/Debris Kurtz Bros. Composting
John Patten Retail Food Establishments Tops Corporation
Richard Zavoda Solid Waste ISG Cleveland, Inc