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Food Defense


In the United States, food defense is a commitment made by the food industry, public health, law enforcement and our government to prevent terrorists from intentionally contaminating food. Terrorists may want to harm our food supply to cause injury or illness, or to cause financial damage to individuals and businesses.

We offer our local businesses mitigation strategies that they can follow to prevent terrorists from entering food facilities and causing harm.

A safe food supply is essential to our daily lives. We encourage all citizens to be attentive and remember if you see something, say something.



  • Activities associated with protecting the nation’s food supply from deliberate or intentional acts of contamination or tampering
  • Lowered thresholds for response

Why CCBH Is Concerned About Food Defense

  • Imposter inspector reported
  • Concerns about intentional contamination
  • Employees never challenged during routine inspections
  • Insufficient awareness among food operators

Close-up Of Person Trying To Open Fridge Locked With Chain And Padlock ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Known Food Defense Weaknesses

  • Not part of traditional food safety inspection process
  • Limited food defense training opportunities
  • Not challenging unfamiliar persons foridentification
  • Security vs. courtesy

Food Defense Tips

  • Post large signs stating that all visitors to non- public areas are required to sign-in and obtain a visitor’s badge
  • Employees escort unidentified visitor to management for I.D./verification
  • Roster of authorized visitors with photos
  • Contact the appropriate agency for verification
  • Manager/employee escort visitors
  • Secure non-public exterior doors (self-closing/locking)
  • Visit FDA Food Defense web page -Several mitigation strategies available