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Epidemiology, Surveillance, and Informatics (ESI) Staff Directory

Our main number for ESI is: 216-201-2090.

Epidemiology, Surveillance, and Informatics Services (ESI) leads the Cuyahoga County Board of Health's efforts to collect and monitor the amount of infectious and chronic diseases in the community. Additionally, ESI also leads the agency's emergency preparedness planning efforts as well as provide technical support for agency programs such as data analysis and public health informatics (computer support) activities.

NameTitleProgramExt.Email Address
Amy Anter Public Health Nurse Reportable Diseases 1612 aanter@ccbh.net
Becky Gawelek Researcher 2 Data Analysis 1607 bgawelek@ccbh.net
Rebecca Hysing Regional Public Health Coordinator Preparedness 1602 rhysing@ccbh.net
Chris Kippes Director Service Area 1600 ckippes@ccbh.net
Jackie Napolitano  Researcher 2
Reportable Diseases 1615  jnapolitano@ccbh.net 
Carl Preusser
Informatician Data & Technology 1265 cpreusser@ccbh.net
Heidi Scaife Researcher 3 Preparedness
Terri Sevier  Data Entry Operator
Reportable Diseases
Richard Stacklin  Researcher 2
Data Analysis  1604
Stacey Short
Program Manager
Zoonotic Surveillance, Food Safety, and Assessment  1253 sshort@ccbh.net
Ken Uhlik
Network Administrator
IT 1123 kuhlik@ccbh.net
Amy Wanchisn
Office Manager
Service Area