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Food Safety Education

Program Background

Food safety education is a primary component of the CCBH food protection program.
We offer food safety instruction and education to both the industry and the public.

CCBH food inspectors (sanitarians) use the inspection component as an educational opportunity to reinforce correct food handling procedures with food-service employees.

Educational requirements are outlined in Ohio Administrative Code Section 3701-21-25. The code identifies the operator(s) with food safety knowledge as "the Person in Charge".

As of March 2010, changes to the food code were added that require all new food shop operators to have at least one "Person in Charge" on duty at all times. 

There are two kinds of food safety certification levels that one can achieve: Level I and Level II. Both meet the requirements of the "Person in Charge".

The Ohio Department of Health approves and maintains a list of classes on its website.

Level I Certification

Level One Certification in food protection provides basic safety and food handling training for the student. It is recommended for the entry level food worker.

The Person In Charge class is offered in a traditional classroom format and takes approximately three hours to complete. It includes a test that one must pass to receive their certificate. Classes are scheduled on an annual basis at the CCBH offices as well as other area locations.

CCBH also offers a Corporate version of our Person In Charge training. If you would like this training held at your facility, designed specifically to meet the needs and concerns of your Food Shop Operation, please contact our office 216-201-2001 ext. 1206. Requirements for a Corporate Person In Charge training include 20 or more students and availability of an appropriate location (equipped to allow for presentation, tables, chairs, etc.).

Go to the Fee Schedule section below to view fees, the current schedule and/or to download an application.

Level II Certification

The level two certification provides in-depth training for food managers and is designed for those following a career in the food industry.  It includes 16 hours of course work and a test.

The type of class offered by CCBH is Servsafe.

Created by the National Restaurant Association as a way to certify food career professionals, the 16-hour course utilizes a textbook and requires that all attendees pass a final exam. The textbook is provided with payment of class fees.

The exam is administered and monitored (proctored) by CCBH registered sanitarians.

The class is offered at the CCBH office in Parma and is scheduled at various times throughout the year.

Classes can be scheduled off site if the applicant can guarantee 20 students and an approriate location.

The ServSafe course is also offered online through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's website. For details about how to take the online course, please follow this link.

Things to Remember About the Online Course

  • The ServSafe test must be taken at a proctored site.
  • The fee to take the Servsafe exam at our office is in addtion to the fee charged by the online site.
  • Exams are given on the last day of the regular scheduled classes.
  • Be sure to download and fill out the application completely.

National Restaurant Association On-Line Food Allergy Training for Food  Operators

Do your employees know the major food allergens? If asked a question, could they tell
customers what allergen is present in your ingredients.? The National Restaurant Association® (NRA) has launched the new ServSafe Allergens Online Course.

The new online training course was created in partnership with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) to help restaurants address food allergens. The ServSafe Allergens Online Course is designed to help both front-of-the-house staff and back-of-the-house operations better understand how to accommodate the growing number of guests with food allergies. Those who deal with this potentially life-threatening condition are often unsure which restaurants can safely accommodate them — if at all.

Visit: http://www.foodallergens.com/ for more details about the course.  This course is not sponsered by CCBH.

Fee Schedule

Level I Person in Charge (PIC) class  -  $  30

    Corporate rate (20 to 50 students) - $ 600

Level II Servesafe class - $175

    Test Only - $ 65

    Retest -      $ 65

Applications/Testing Dates and Times

Level I - Person in Charge (PIC) class

Level II- Servsafe class

Servsafe Test Application Only (for web class and retest)


Contact Information

Angela Henderson, RS
Program Manager
Food Protection Unit

216 201-2000 x 1206