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Administration: Staff Directory

Our main number is 216-201-2000.

Administration Services provides coordination for all agency functions including: fiscal management, grants, human resources, information technology, legal, policy, and program planning. The development of agency priorities, performance goals and strategic planning efforts in the areas of Environmental Public Health, Epidemiology, Surveillance and Informatics, and Prevention & Wellness are facilitated by the Organizational Development Unit.

NameTitleDepartmentExt.Email Address
Wedad Alhamwi Budget Officer Finance 1106 walhamwi@ccbh.net
Terrence Allan Health Commissioner Administration 1100 tallan@ccbh.net
Kevin Brennan Communications Officer Administration 1108 kbrennan@ccbh.net
Priscilla Clark Support Staff
Organizational Development 1542 pclark@ccbh.net 
Karen Divis Telephone Operator Reception 1132 kdivis@ccbh.net
Ann Dunham Personnel Manager Organizational Development 1120 adunham@ccbh.net
Kirsten Gatt Payroll Analyst Finance 1105 kgatt@ccbh.net
Shirley Leggette Personnel Manager Organizational Development 1104 sleggette@ccbh.net
Joan O'Brien Administrative Assistant
1110 jobrien@ccbh.net
Thomas P. O'Donnell Legal Counsel Administration
1109 todonnell@ccbh.net
Deanne Samosky Office Administrator
Administration 1101 dsamosky@ccbh.net
Kim Shepard Word Processing Specialist
Reception 1133 kshepard@ccbh.net
Najeebah Shine Director
Organizational Development 1500 nshine@ccbh.net
Shelley Sima Grants Manager
Finance 1102 ssima@ccbh.net
Marciea Stewart Medical Billing Specialist
1107 mstewart@ccbh.net
Judy Wirsching Chief Financial Officer
Finance 1103 jwirsching@ccbh.net